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When your home is damaged, it is often more than a matter of your home not looking as nice as it did before the damage. There can be structural damage that isn't readily visible. This can affect the liveability of your home if it is not found and repaired as soon as possible. You could even face the total loss of your home. It is best to call a company that specialises in home damage repair as soon as possible so the extent of the damage can be assessed. Once the damage is assessed, you can get a quote on the cost of repairs.


Thinking about repair the damage yourself?

You might think you can repair the damage yourself and you might be able to. But if you don't know how to tell if it goes beyond the superficial, you could miss repairing something that will later cause severe problems. For example, you might only see damage to the exterior wall and replace the damaged siding but miss damaged wiring underneath. You need someone with expertise in home damage restoration to do a thorough assessment of the area and find everything that need home damage repair.


Damage Specialist

The specialist will examine the obvious damage but will also check everything else that could be affected, such as wiring, plumbing, foundation and the roof. Depending on the cause of the damage, the house could be thrown out of square so other walls could develop crack and wall frames separate at some corners, even in the interior walls. A qualified professional from a home damage repair company will know to look for signs that these possibilities have or could occur.

If you have your home assessed for repair or restoration, you might want to get more than one assessment just to be sure it is accurate. You definitely want to get more than one quote as you may be able to get a better price on the job if several companies offer bids. Though you want the best home damage repair you can afford, you also don't want to pay more for it than is necessary.

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