Why You Should Consider Raising Your Home

All across Brisbane it is not an uncommon sight to see raised houses on all types of different blocks. In fact, Brisbane homes are uniquely constructed to be perfect candidates for house raising. This is due to the fact that the majority of Brisbane homes are built in the traditional Queenslander style. House raising provides a whole range of potential benefits for your Brisbane home, including extra protection from floods, more space for you home and even better views!

In this blog article on the ConstructRight website, our team will be taking a look at some of the reasons you should consider raising your Brisbane home with professional house raisers like ConstructRight.

House Raising Protects Your Home From Floods

If you are a Brisbane resident then you know all about how prone Brisbane homes can be to floods. Brisbane’s famously fierce rain storms can wreak havoc on homes across the city, with structures and possessions becoming damaged, both of which can cost thousands to replace. With house raising construction services from ConstructRight, you can lift your home to a more flood resistant height. This will help you to be better protected next time the flooding rains come through. House raising is a construction service investment you will be happy that you made when the rainy weather comes around next flood season.

Get A Better View

Now this one is common sense, but it has to be said! Is your view obstructed by other properties? Then it is time to go up a level with house raising construction services. In almost all cases, raising your home will provide you with better views than what you currently have. Everybody loves a good view, why shouldn’t you create one for your home? If you would like to improve the view for your Brisbane home, contact us today to explore your house raising options.

Add Extra Space to Your Home

With house raising, you can create a whole new space under your existing home. This new space can work great for extra entertaining areas, a new bedroom or even a new carport, garage or work shed. House raising can also create income producing areas for your home. This new space under your home could serve as a secondary residence, which could be rented out as student accommodation or a granny flat.

Want To Explore Raising Your Home? Call ConstructRight!

As you can see, there are loads of reasons why house raising construction services could be amazing for your Brisbane home. Do you think house raising could be just what your Brisbane home needs? Contact the team at ConstructRight! We are professional Brisbane house raisers who can help make your house raising project a success. If you are looking at raising your home, or you would like to learn more about the process, contact our friendly team today. ConstructRight are able to manage your project from design concepts through to handover. Alternatively, we are able to provide prompt quality service to owner managed projects.

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