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Have you ever wondered about house raising, what it is and what the benefits are? ConstructRight is a professional Brisbane based construction company offering house raising services to residents all across Brisbane. In our latest article we will be taking a look at what house raising is, why you might need it and what some of the great benefits of house raising are.

What is House Raising?

House raising is one of the many popular forms of home construction work in Brisbane and across much of South-East Queensland. The process of house raising involves temporarily separating a house from the foundations using hydraulic jacks. Once the house is temporarily raised, replacement supports are installed to permanently set the new raised level. House raising in Brisbane provides a range of benefits, including reducing flood impact, creating a better view and adding extra living space to your home.

When Should You Consider House Raising?

There are a number of factors that can influence whether you should raise your Brisbane home. Firstly it must be determined if your home is fit for house raising. Fortunately, a majority of existing homes in the Brisbane region are built in the traditional Queensland style of homes. This makes them perfect candidates for house raising. Many homes are also post-war homes, which are also perfectly primed and ready for house raising. Contact our team if your would like more information on whether your home is fit for a house raising project.

If your home is suitable for house raising, there are a number of reasons you may consider it for your Brisbane home. The most common reasons for house raising in Brisbane are to help prevent flood damage to your home and to add an extra space under your existing home. The first reason is an incredibly popular reason for house raising, due to the high probability of flooding in the Brisbane area. If you find that you are regularly experiencing significant flood damage then house raising is a great solution to escape the majority of flood damage that occurs to low level homes in Brisbane. Are you running out of space in your home? House raising allows you to continue to enjoy your current location without feeling cramped by adding a new space underneath your home! 

What Are The Benefits of House Raising?

There are many benefits to raising your Brisbane house. Not only will this help to make your home more ‘flood-proof’ as we covered above, but it can also provide extra space under your home which can be utilised for a variety of awesome uses. This space could become a garage or carport space, a secondary residence or even just some extra living space for you and your family. Raising your house also helps to improve your view! There are a lot of reasons why raising your Brisbane house is a great idea.

House Raising With ConstructRight

Do you need to raise your house? ConstructRight is here to help. ConstructRight have become the builder of choice for many homeowners and house raisers. It is important that your builder has the unique industry knowledge that house raising projects require. From understanding time frames and potential setbacks to reliable subcontractors and suppliers; ConstructRight has the expertise to help you.

We assist during the preparation, planning, and approval stages. Our exceptional network of industry contacts allow us to recommend subcontractors, architects and building designers, suppliers, and town planners who can help make the home of your dreams a reality.

If you are looking at raising your home, or you would like to learn more about the process, contact our friendly team today. ConstructRight are able to manage your project from design concepts through to handover.

Get in touch with the ConstructRight team today. Call us on 0417 607 159 or contact us through our website by clicking here.

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